LCDs with TFT technology is the most popular LCD type when wanting bright colors, high resolution, and touch capabilities within your LCD. All Displaytech LCD products with TFT technology are available with OEM customization.

LCD Panels with TFT Technology

We offer TFT displays under the Displaytech division ranging from 1" - 10.1" in diagonal screen size. These TFT modules are available in a variety of interfaces types such as RGB interface, MCU interface, and HDMI interface.

Touchscreen Displays

For all TFT screens in 2.8" and larger, we offer resistive touch screen and projected capacitive touch panel (PCAP) options. 

Sunlight Readable Displays

Our 5" and 7" TFT displays offer brightness that is compatible with sunlight and outdoor applications. All other TFT display screen sizes allow for OEM addition to ensure best readability in any environment. Contact us to discuss custom TFT display options.