Displaytech Limited Warranty

100% of Displaytech LCD modules must pass a rigorous quality control process before being shipped to our customers. This inspection covers raw materials, subassemblies and finished LCD module assemblies including ITO glass, polarizers, backlights, PCB assemblies and touch screen assemblies.

12 Month Limited Warranty

  • Displaytech will replace or repair any product(s) that are found to be functionally defective when inspected in accordance with Displaytech acceptance standards (copies available upon request) for a period of one year from date of shipment. Customer should maintain records of purchase orders and shipping documents to validate the warranty period.
  • If damage to displays during shipping is suspected, please work with your freight forwarding company to file a claim. Broken glass is not covered under Displaytech warranty. Please take pictures as the freight forwarder will require them for a claim.
  • For any valid return requests, Displaytech will provide an RMA form to be filled out by the customer along with an RMA number. Items will not be accepted without a valid RMA number and proof of purchase from Displaytech or an authorized distributor.
  • The warranty liability is limited to repair, replacement or credit on Displaytech products only. For more information, see Terms & Conditions.

The following conditions are not covered under warranty:

  • Broken LCD glass
  • PCB eyelet(s) damaged or modified
  • PCB conductor(s) damaged
  • Circuit modified in any way, including addition of components
  • PCB tampered with by grinding, engraving or painting varnish
  • Soldering to or modifying the bezel in any manner
  • ESD damage due to improper handling
  • Damage to LCD pins and/ or FPC due to improper bending, folding, creasing or otherwise mishandling
  • Electrical or cosmetic damage due to the use of cleaners or introduction of liquid into the LCD module. Liquid introduced to the LCD may show up as uneven brightness in the backlight.
  • Module repairs requested by the customer that are not covered under warranty will be invoiced to the customer upon mutual agreement. Modules must be returned with sufficient description of the failures or defects. Any modifications by the customer must be removed completely without damage to the LCD module.