Certified Standard and Custom Power Solutions

Our holistic approach to manufacturing extends to how we power your product. Our vertical integration promises efficiency and provides innovative solutions to reduce the total number of SKUs you need to certify. We also involve our in-house engineering team from the start, so your power system is never an afterthought. SEACOMP has in-house BMS (battery management system) and embedded circuit design expertise. We will certify your power and battery solution for compliance to international safety, emissions, efficiency, and materials standards. As a full-service power supply manufacturer, comprehensive solutions are what we do best.


MFI Authorized Manufacturer

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 13485

IEC 60601-1

IEC 62368

How We Power Your Product

External AC-DC Power Supplies

  • Wall mount and desktop style with corded or USB output
  • Safety and EMC certifications

Charging Systems with Rechargeable Batteries

  • Lithium polymer (Li-Poly)
  • Lithium ion cylindrical (Li-Ion)
  • Nickel metal hydride (NiMH)

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Charging Cables

  • Lightning, USB-C, Micro USB Connectors TPU (plastic) or braided jacket cover Power or Power + Data transfer

Global Adapters

  • Available as fixed or interchangeable
  • EU, UK, AU, and KC regions
  • Global certifications

Rechargeable Battery Solutions

We offer custom rechargeable battery capabilities for your electronic product, including in-house circuit design, multi-region charging solutions, and single-SKU options. Not only can our solutions provide you with flexibility, they can save both time and money in the production process. International distribution required? SEACOMP certifies products to UN 38.3 and IEC 62133 standards, so you can rest assured knowing that global transportation safety and compliance is taken care of.

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Charging dock

Certified Wall Adapters

Engineered to meet rigorous standards in medical (IEC 60601-1), ITE (IEC 62368-1), industrial, and consumer industries, our standard 5W-60W adapters guarantee top-notch performance and safety. Adapters can be customized with the choice of a fixed North American blade or interchangeable AC plugs, as well as USB or fixed-cord outputs. Because your product is unique, we aim to provide some of the most versatile solutions possible.

Wall Adapter

Global Certification, One SKU

SEACOMP’s proprietary wall adapter design empowers you to reach the global market with ease. We provide slide-on prong adapters for every outlet type (North America, Europe, United Kingdom, Korea, and Australia), ensuring global compatibility without the hassle of managing multiple variations. Customize your adapter for international markets while keeping your base SKU intact. You’ll only need to certify one component, streamlining the process even further while ensuring compliance and ease-of-use across regions.

International AC Chargers

Power Your Brand

Elevate your brand identity with our customizable power supplies by adding your logo and/or brand colors to the design. With an array of options available, we can help create a distinct and visually cohesive brand experience that is sure to make every element of your product stand out.

All Wall Adapters

White wall adapter

Product Design Powered by Engineers

Choose a vertically integrated manufacturing partner for a holistic, system-level approach. Battery assembly design extends beyond just size and capacity—it involves seamless integration with the product, impacting overall mechanical design. A piecemeal approach to product assembly (often a natural result of working with different component vendors) is a leading cause of delays in market entry, jeopardizing the success of both your product and your business. With a full-service partner, you can minimize risks and set your product on the most direct path to market.

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Other Power Supply Products

HDP Power is a SEACOMP division that specializes in certified standard and custom power solutions including wall chargers, desktop adapters, and embedded power supplies.

Embedded Power Supplies


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Desktop Adapters

Desktop Adapter

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