HDP Power, our power division, offers power and custom rechargeable systems. Our off the shelf products include wall chargers, desktop adapters, and embedded AC-DC power supplies. We provide comprehensive program management, in-house design engineering, global certification guidance, and dependable manufacturing for all our standard and custom power solutions. 

We design and build rechargeable power systems for:

  • IoT devices
  • Smart home products
  • Medical devices

Power Manufacturing Capabilities

  • External AC-DC Power Supplies

    • Wall mount and desktop style with corded or USB output
    • Safety and EMC certifications
  • Charging Systems with Rechargeable Batteries

    • Lithium polymer (Li-Poly)
    • Lithium ion cylindrical (Li-Ion)
    • Nickel metal hydride (NiMH)
  • Charging Cables

    • 2.0 or 3.0 USB
    • Lightning or Micro USB Connector
    • TPU (plastic) or braided jacket cover
  • Global Adapters

    • Available as fixed or interchangeable
    • EU, UK, AU, and KC regions
    • Global certifications