Energizing Your Device With Custom Power Supplies

SEACOMP is equipped to tackle even the most complex battery challenges. With in-house circuit design and electrical engineering capabilities, we confidently take on obstacles that come with rugged environments, high-use consumer products, safety concerns, and more. The battery must interact seamlessly with the rest of your product, and we consider this throughout the whole product development process.






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Powerful Solutions for Integrated Battery Assemblies

We offer a range of rechargeable battery types to meet your size, voltage, and budget requirements. You can also opt for a custom charging assembly.

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) and Lithium Polymer (LiPo)

  • Single and multi-cell battery packs
  • Custom BMS circuit design
  • Global transportation compliance (UN 38.3)
  • Global safety compliance (IEC 62133 and UL 1642)

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery

  • Standard AA and AAA cell sizes
  • 1.2V nominal voltage
  • Low-cost options


BMS & Circuit Design You Can Count On

Our approach to Battery Management System (BMS) development is rooted in a deep understanding of its critical role in battery design. Key considerations like charge management, thermal regulation, interface connectivity, and ongoing component availability are meticulously evaluated during the design phase.

With lithium ion battery manufacturing success, safety is always top of mind—we engineer the highest standards of safety into every embedded battery we design, protecting your customers and protecting your brand. Our team is passionate about simplifying the many complexities of battery design and certification, putting operational safety, global compliance, and user happiness front-and-center.

Lithium Ion Charging Doc


Case Study: How SEACOMP and Hunter Douglas Built Smarter Shades

Discover how we worked with Hunter Douglas, the leader in window treatments, to reimagine PowerView®, their award-winning motorized smart shade.

The battery was a key component to the success of the PowerView® product, and it presented some exciting challenges (like exposure to direct sunlight, long battery life requirements, and aesthetic considerations). Take a peek inside our process!

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hunter douglas powerview dual charging wand


Chargers That Stand Out

Keep your customers delighted with the entire experience of using your product, charge cycle after charge cycle. Choose from an MFI-certified Lightning cable, Micro USB or USB-C. Reach the international market with globally certified wall adapters available with a single SKU. You can even customize the design—add your brand color, logo, or a unique charging dock design if desired.

Custom USB to Micro Charging Cable