Product Notifications

PCN and EOL documents for Displaytech and HDP Power products.

Number Description Products Affected Date Released
EOL20001 End of Life of PCAP Driver IC, FT5346 DT028BTFT, DT028CTFT, DT035BTFT, DT043BTFT 2020-04-08
EOL20002 DT028ATFT-PTS: EOL Notification DT028ATFT 2020-10-15
PCN20004 PCB layout was optimized 64128N Series 2020-03-31
PCN20005 Part Number Change from DT028BTFT-PTS1 to DT028BTFT-PTS2 DT028BTFT 2020-10-30
PCN20006 Part Number Change from DT028CTFT-PTS to DT028CTFT-PTS2 DT028CTFT 2020-10-30
PCN20007 Part Number Change from DT035BTFT-PTS1 to DT035BTFT-PTS2 DT035BTFT 2020-10-30
PCN20008 Part Number Change from DT043BTFT-PTS1 to DT043BTFT-PTS2 DT043BTFT 2020-10-30
PCN19001 Change of Backlight LED for 64128K/KX-RGB series, 64128L/LX-RGB series, and 64128M/MX-RGB series 64128K Series, 64128KX Series, 64128L Series, 64128LX Series, 64128M Series, 64128MX Series 2019-04-16
EOL19002 DT070BTFT series - EOL Notification 2019-11-21
EOL19003 DT050TFT series - EOL Notification 2020-08-31