5" Color TFT LCD Display with Enhanced Viewing Angle

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This product is EOL and no longer available for direct purchase.

800x480 5" TFT Display with Full Viewing Angle and Optional Touch Screen

Have your product stand out with the DT050ATFT display - our 5” TFT LCD module with full viewing angle. The full viewing angle feature allows the display contents of the LCD to be visible from practically any angle. It's a cost-effective enhancement compared to using an IPS display. The 5" TFT has 800 x 480 RGB resolution and supports 24-bit parallel RGB input mode. The LCD uses two driver ICs to drive the display: a source driver with TCON (Ilitek ILI6122) and a gate driver (Ilitek ILI5960). It also is available with either a resistive touchscreen or capacitive touchscreen panel. This 5 inch LCD is an ideal option for a variety of digital devices including video or POS systems.

Technical Overview

Status EOL
Replacement LCD DT050BTFT
Diagonal Screen Size 5.0 inch
Display Resolution 800 (RGB) x 480
Viewing Angle ALL
Interface Type RGB 24 bits
Luminance up to 500 cd/m2
LCD Gate and Source Driver IC Ilitek ILI5960 and ILI6122
Module Size (w x h) 120.7 x 75.8 mm
Active Area (w x h) 108 x 64.8 mm
Pixel Size 0.135 x 0.135 mm
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70°C
Touch Screen Options Resistive Touch Screen or Capacitive Touch Screen
PCAP Touch Controller FocalTech FT5x26

Technical Support Notes

Setting up the display

The display driver IC datasheet provides detailed RGB timings to set up your hardware. We do not have example code for this display as this is customer hardware specific.

See the ILI6122 source driver datasheet for display timing:

  • Section 5.6 (page 26) - Display Data Input Timing
  • Section 7 (page 41) - Display Timing Characteristics
  • Table on page 43 - Signal Times
    • One value from the table is the min clock period of 20 ns which corresponds to 50MHz

Product Notifications