7" TFT IPS Display

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    7" IPS TFT display
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    7" IPS TFT display with capacitive touch

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7 inch 1024x600 IPS Display with Optional High Bright Backlight and Capacitive Touch Screen

Stand out from your competition with our DT070DTFT series: a 7 inch 1024x600 TFT IPS display with optional high brightness backlight. This 7" TFT display's high resolution and IPS panel lend to rich, saturated graphics and images at any viewing angle. The 7 inch LCD module has an LVDS interface allowing this display to be suitable for applications requiring high-speed graphics and video data transfers. The DT070DTFT series is available with options of capacitive touch screen and high bright backlight.

Technical Overview

Diagonal Screen Size 7.0 inch
Display Resolution 1024 (RGB) x 600
Viewing Angle All (IPS)
Interface Type LVDS
Brightness 250 cd/m2; 420 cd/m2 for High Bright LED Backlight
LCD Gate and Source Driver IC Himax HX8282-A and HX8696-A
Module Size (w x h) 164.9 x 100 mm
Active Area (w x h) 154.21 x 85.92 mm
Touch Screen Option Capacitive Touch Screen
PCAP Touch Controller FocalTech FT5x26

Technical Support Notes

The display driver IC datasheet provides detailed LVDS timings to set up your hardware. We do not have example code for this display as this is customer hardware specific.

Timing Values

Review Section 11.1 - 11.2 (page 44) in the Himax HX8282-A11 source driver datasheet

Power Up Sequence

Review Section 8.1 in the Himax HX8282-A11 source datasheet


This display has a standard LVDS interface which is purely hardware connections. Please review in the display datasheet:

  • Section 5 for Interface Signals
  • Section 7 for TFT Power Supply and Backlight Voltage

We suggest making SELB jumper configurable for your board.


Standby is active low. Reset is active low.

GRB Global reset. Keep VDD during operation. Normally pull high.
STBYB Standby mode control. Normally pull high.
When STB=H: All the functions are on (default pulls high)
When STB=L: TCON and source driver are off an all output are GND

Recommended 6 Pin Touch Connector for PCAP Display

TE Connectivity 84952-6