Product Notifications

PCN and EOL documents for Displaytech and HDP Power products.

Number Description Products Affected Date Released
EOL20002 DT028ATFT-PTS: EOL Notification DT028ATFT 2020-10-15
EOL19003 DT050TFT series - EOL Notification 2020-08-31
EOL20001 End of Life of PCAP Driver IC, FT5346 DT028BTFT, DT028CTFT, DT035BTFT, DT043BTFT 2020-04-08
PCN20004 PCB layout was optimized 64128N Series 2020-03-31
PCN20001 32122A series - new FFC with metal pins 2020-01-02
PCN20013 32128A series: Improved backlight 32128A Series 2019-12-01
EOL19002 DT070BTFT series - EOL Notification 2019-11-21
PCN19002 Correct specification pinout for DT022CTFT DT022CTFT 2019-08-31
PCN19001 Change of Backlight LED for 64128K/KX-RGB series, 64128L/LX-RGB series, and 64128M/MX-RGB series 64128K Series, 64128KX Series, 64128L Series, 64128LX Series, 64128M Series, 64128MX Series 2019-04-16