2.8" TFT IPS Display

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240 x 320 2.8" IPS LCD with Optional Capacitive Touch Screen

Enhance your product with our 2.8" TFT LCD module with IPS panel. This LCD module has 240 x 320 RGB resolution with a full viewing angle from any direction. The 2.8 inch LCD uses the Ilitek ILI9341 single-chip driver to drive the display. The IPS display offers improved color accuracy, crisp images, and high refresh rate. This 2.8” IPS TFT LCD module includes a color TFT-LCD, driver IC, FPC, and LED backlight. Available in a standard non-touch or capacitive touch screen display.

Technical Overview

Diagonal Screen Size 2.8 inch
Display Resolution 240 (RGB) x 320
Viewing Angle ALL
Interface Type MCU Parallel, RGB
Luminance up to 500 cd/m2
LCD Driver IC Ilitek ILI9341
Module Size (w x h) 50 x 69.2 mm
Active Area (w x h) 43.2 x 57.6 mm
Pixel Size 0.18 x 0.18 mm
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70°C
Touch Screen Option Capacitive Touch Screen
PCAP Touch Controller FocalTech FT5x46

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