2.4" Color TFT LCD with IPS Display

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240x320 2.4" TFT Display with IPS Screen

Get the latest TFT technology with this 2.4" TFT LCD module with IPS panel. This LCD module has 240 x 320 RGB resolution with a viewing angle from all directions. The 2.4 inch LCD uses the Ilitek ILI9341 single-chip driver to drive the display. This driver has a full color display mode that supports up to 262K colors allowing it to show practically any shade of color. The IPS display offers improved color accuracy, crisp images, a wide viewing angle, and high refresh rate. This 2.4” IPS TFT LCD module includes a color TFT-LCD, driver IC, FPC, and LED backlight. 

Technical Overview

Diagonal Screen Size 2.4 inch
Display Resolution 240 (RGB) x 320
Viewing Angle ALL (IPS Panel)
Interface Type MCU Parallel, RGB
Brightness 220 cd/m2
LCD Driver IC Ilitek ILI9341
Module Size (w x h) 42.72 x 59.46 mm
Active Area (w x h) 36.72 x 48.96 mm
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70°C

Technical Support Notes

SPI Interfaces

3-line Serial Interface
See ILI9341 datasheet sections 7.1.8 - 7.1.10, 7.6.1 and 19.3.3

4-line Serial Interface
See ILI9341 datasheet sections 7.1.8 - 7.1.10, 7.6.2 and 19.3.4

DT024DTFT vs DT024CTFT Displays

The DT024DTFT uses the same connections as DT024CTFT (please also see DT024CTFT for reference designs). 

The D version has four LEDs in series with a 15 mA current, while the C version (DT024CTFT) has three LEDs in series at 20 mA current.

The brightness of both versions is the same at 220 cd/m2.

If using a boost driver like the CAT4139, you will need to change the current set resistor to lower the current to 15 mA. The CAT4139 will generate the higher voltage needed automatically.

If driving the backlight of the C version display with 12 Volts and a series resistor, substituting a D version display will not work since the four LEDs need more than 12 Volts to get the same current flowing.