HDMI Conversion Board with 7" LVDS TFT Display

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Adapter board with LVDS display for embedded applications that supply HDMI video output

The SEA0010 is a display format converter board that translates HDMI video output to LVDS. The board includes a 7" LVDS TFT Display with optional capacitive touch. The I²C capacitive touch screen controller signals are passed through to the host interface. The board is great for use with a Raspberry Pi (such as the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or A+), or any single-board computer that provides an HDMI video output. There is a programmable on-board EEPROM that provides the HDMI video source with an EDID (the display resolution configuration).

Technical Overview

Compatibility Raspberry Pi, SBC, or personal computer with HDMI output
External Interfaces HDMI, MCU, LVDS, PCAP I2C, EDID
Included Display 7-inch LVDS display (DT070DTFT or similar)
Display Resolution Supports up to 1080p
Display Backlight Current 140mA (175 mA Max)
Dimensions (w x h) 104 x 60 mm
Power Supply Voltage 5V
Display Touch Screen Option Capacitive Touchscreen
Display Touch Screen Controller Focaltech FT5426 (or similar)
Displaytech Part Number SEA0010