Increase your product’s appeal with a TFT LCD display by Displaytech! SEACOMP manufactures TFT displays under our division, Displaytech. TFT LCDs are liquid-crystal display modules with thin-film transistor technology. The TFT technology offers full RGB showcasing a range of colors and hues. Get rich colors, detailed images, and bright graphics from an LCD with a TFT screen.

Displaytech TFT LCD Modules

Displaytech offers a range of small to mid-size TFT LCDs. Our standard lineup for our TFT screens starts at 1” in diagonal size and ranges up to 7-inches. Displaytech TFT displays meet the needs for products within industrial, medical, and consumer applications.

Find a variety of TFT displays within the Displaytech brand including:
• Slim TFT module designed for 1U rack mount equipment (2.2” TFT)
• IPS displays (2.4” TFT LCD, 7.0” TFT)
• High bright LCD displays (7.0” TFT)
• Resistive and capacitive touch screens (2.8” and larger TFT modules)