Watch to learn how our unparalleled operations helps support your mission-critical goals.


How do we make electronics manufacturing be more than just about production?

To make it about bringing an innovation to life.

For us, it's world class operations.

Providing a level of customer service that is agile and flexible.

Because as much as our clients plan and forecast, business can be unpredictable.

While our partners often come to us for areas that they need support in,
our experience allows them to avoid pitfalls they didn't even know to look out for.

Being based in the US, with operations in Europe and Southeast Asia,
means we do business in the same language and timezone,
while offering competitive pricing and timely logistics support,
no matter where we're needed.

Each project is different, with different goals.

But the challenges they face are all the same:
supply chain complexity, time to market, and the bandwidth to manage it all.

At the end of the day, operations is about executing on all that we have been trusted to do
so our customers can focus on growing their business.

That's the clearest thing that sets us apart.

That's how we help deliver awesome.