Watch below to learn how we can help prepare your design for manufacturing.

It's really important to ask the right questions.

It can be a matter of life or death for a product or even an entire company.

When we're asked to design a product from scratch or to review a small batch
of handcrafted prototypes to manufacture, our first question is,
"What is the best way to produce this at scale?"

That's where we add value.

While the innovators we partner with are experts
when it comes to their own product design, there's often more
that needs to be done to prepare for manufacturing.

Quality is very intentional.

In the initial discovery phase, we take a holistic view of the design
and say, "Here's a couple potential roadblocks that you may not have considered.
Here are some ways to reduce cost. Here's how we're going to test
a hundred percent of your products."

Because we're not trying to make ten thousand units of your design that are good,
we're trying to make one unit perfectly and repeat it ten thousand times.

Our success is tied to getting your innovation to market in the simplest, most efficient way.

When you design for manufacturing from the start,
it is much easier to build and launch a successful product.