Less is more these days – and we show it in our very slim external power supply that we named Medite.

This external power supply, available with 5 Watt or 12 Watt output power, is about the width and length of a credit card and a little over half an inch in height (18 mm). The size may be little, but it packs a lot of juice to power your small electronic device.

What’s in the name? Medite stands for the two types of power supplies you can find in this one adapter: a medical power supply and an ITE power supply. This external power adapter carries both IEC60601 and IEC60950 certifications – that’s a lot in such a little package!

We also design this AC to DC power supply for the global marketplace. If your product is released in other areas outside the US, such as Australia, Korea, or United Kingdom, the Medite global power supply can easily adapt to the country’s standard plugs. This medical and ITE power supply can include international adapters that easily fit over the folding blades to make it compatible for global use.

Visit the Medite product page to learn more about this medical and ITE power supply or to request a quote!