At SEACOMP, we believe everyone deserves quality education.

According to a World Bank study, less than two thirds of girls in low-income countries complete their primary education, and only one in three complete lower secondary school. Young women who complete higher education are more likely to join the labor force and be empowered in their own lives at home and in their communities.

Women from low-income countries who want to further their educational development at the university level often run into the challenge of financing this endeavor.

Which is why we support U-Go and their mission: to help ambitious and promising young women in low-income countries to pursue tertiary education by providing financial scholarships.

SEACOMP is sponsoring young women to attend university and therefore enrich their lives, their families, and their communities.

Beyond U-Go’s impactful mission, we love their lean approach in making a little bit of money go a long way. An individual just like yourself or a group like your company can transform the life of a girl in a developing country.

When we support women in low-income countries to receive a higher education, there is a ripple effect that then lifts their households, communities, and countries out of poverty.

To learn more about U-Go and how you can help, visit their website:

SEACOMP team with U-Go Founder
SEACOMP team with U-Go founder, John Wood