Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is an annual holiday for us since our manufacturing facility is located in Dongguan, China. The national holiday starts February 1st. Our facility will be closed prior and during the holiday from January 24 through February 6. If you have any questions about your program’s status, please speak with your account manager.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics begin February 4 in Beijing. We’re not expecting major impacts from this event. Our factory location is in the south east of China with most of our direct suppliers nearby. Due to the great distance between our facility and Beijing (over 22 hours of driving time), we have low concern about this event. However, we will continue to monitor for any changes and inform any impacted customers immediately. 

China’s Zero-Tolerance Covid Policy

Covid-19 pandemic continues and since our manufacturing facility is in China, we need to follow government regulations and policies. One such policy is quarantining large areas at a moment’s notice. Since many of our staff and operators live on the campus of our facility, we are able to manage any local area quarantines without much disruption. In the event a policy will majorly impact us, we’ll reach out to affected customers directly.

Traveling to China

Travel into the country is still restricted with long quarantines upon arrival. Customer in-person visits are still on hold. To help overcome this, we have a 3D virtual tour available for customers and prospects. We also are open to all types of communication with recorded videos, live video conferencing, photos, etc. to work with our customers and give them updates on program progress. Please contact us if you’re interested in seeing our virtual tour.

Factory Upgrades

We’re excited about the addition of new machines and processes to our facility. New equipment includes additional surface mount pick and place machines, auto-insertion thru-hole machines, upgraded reflow ovens, solder paste inspection equipment and automated optical inspection stations. We also added robotic arms to our injection molding for quickly removing molded parts from the tool. These upgrades increase our automation and make our processes and output more efficient.

Lastly, we gave our staff dormitories a major remodel. Employees living on-site now have a fresh, updated living space to enjoy.

Each year presents unique circumstances and challenges. With the start of 2022, we have another opportunity to be flexible and strategic as we support our customers in fulfilling their mission and bringing their product to market.