Over the last 20 years, SEACOMP has provided our customers with contract manufacturing services through our Displaytech division. As demand for our manufacturing, program management, and logistics services have increased, our manufacturing capabilities have also expanded. The expansion of capabilities came from a combination of continuous improvements and acquisition of a new production facility in early 2015. With these changes, we felt it was time to launch a division solely dedicated to product development, manufacturing, and logistics. We introduce to you MH Manufacturing, a SEACOMP company.

MH Manufacturing (or MH MFG for short) gives innovators a unique, flexible “all or à la carte” approach when it comes to building and launching their product. When you partner with MH MFG, we can take the lead on your entire product development effort, from concept to production, as your total engineering and manufacturing solution. You also have the option to select only certain services that we provide in order to support your product development. Our services include design engineering, tooling, supply chain management, manufacturing, distribution, and more. In addition to our unique offerings, our distinct business model sets us apart: we have on-site American management within our own China production facility. Rest assured your product is in good hands and will be produced at the highest quality.

Customers, whether new or existing, will benefit from having a dedicated division solely focused on product development and manufacturing. Current customers that use HDP power supplies or Displaytech LCDs within their products will have a smooth transition when they choose to partner with MH MFG. Since we are already familiar with your product, we can offer relevant design for manufacturing suggestions on how to streamline your current manufacturing process or reduce costs with services provided by MH MFG.

New customers will find that partnering with MH MFG will ease the pains that are typically associated with launching a product. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have developed a New Product Introduction (NPI) system that helps simplify the product development process allowing for you to launch your product into the market in a timely manner. In addition, we treat your product as if it were our own: we want to see you succeed on time and on budget.

With MH MFG as a dedicated division, innovators will now have flexibility when it comes manufacturing. Our unique approach to manufacturing allows you to choose the services you need to augment your own resources, such as filling the gaps of your engineering team with our highly skilled hardware or software engineers. You also have the option to simplify your product development journey and use MH MFG as a total manufacturing solution from concept to production to distribution. Furthermore, our customers will receive high quality assurance and protected intellectual property from our American-managed and American-owned China production facility.

If you have a new product concept and are in the market for a manufacturing partner, or if you simply want more from your electronics manufacturer, we encourage you to check out MH MFG’s process to learn more about what sets us apart.