Matterport uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a digital copy (i.e., digital twin) of a real-world place resulting in a virtual 3D model. This technology allows the user to virtually walk through the space with a 360-degree view, accurately measure space dimensions, and store visual data.

Working with the Matterport team, we created digital twins of the offices and manufacturing facility of our MH MFG campus in Dong Guan, China. The digital twins captured our newly remodeled offices along with all the equipment and rooms of our 134,000 ft2 production facility.

virtual tour preview

Once the project was complete, we started showing the digital twin to prospective and current customers. We received positive feedback which we shared with Matterport. Our successes prompted Matterport to feature SEACOMP in a customer case study.

The case study affirms the many benefits of our facility’s 3D model. One advantage is giving prospective customers a factory tour “without the time, cost, and health risk of travel.”

Matterport also reached out to a customer, Bird Buddy, who had viewed our virtual tour during their due diligence process. Kyle Buzzard, Co-Founder of Bird Buddy, stated about the digital twin, “It definitely helped build confidence in SEACOMP and gave them an edge against their competitors who were not able to provide a similar experience.”

The Matterport customer case study concludes with an overview of how we’ll continue to utilize this technology.

Read the full case study here.

Interested in viewing the virtual tour?

The 3D factory tour is offered to all current and prospective customers. Please reach out to your SEACOMP account manager to learn more.

Learn more about Matterport on their website: