Throughout the week were discussions, happy hours, and networking events connecting tech innovators, enthusiasts, and supporters across the LA area.

SEACOMP finished the week with our own discussion panel “Hardware Products Worth Creating” last Friday in Santa Monica. We hosted this panel discussion with AJProTech, Data Garden, and Meloscene.

Topics throughout the evening covered:

  • funding
  • working with a product development firm
  • when and how to scale your product
  • where to manufacture your product
  • & so much more!

We had an amazing attendance of hardware founders, tech engineers, and investors. It was an evening of engaging conversations and meaningful connections.

There is so much buzz around hardware and we are thrilled to be a part of it!

Many thanks to our panelists!

TechWeek panelists


Alexandra S. - Data Garden Inc.

Chad Gerber - Meloscene

Alex Gudilko - AJProTech - IoT Product Development

Terry Arbaugh - SEACOMP