19 Dec 2019

Helping Innovators Deliver Awesome in 2019

Company Updates

Every year, we get to be involved in really amazing products. This past year was no different. We’d like to share a quick overview of some of the awesome projects we supported in 2019:

  • Enhancing water treatment controllers through better user interface hardware
    • Our Support: PCB Board Design | 5" TFT Display | 7" IPS High Bright TFT Display
  • Revamping a home automation system with rechargeable power
    • Our Support: Test Fixture Design | Rechargeable Battery Assembly | Custom Power
  • Improving dental care through a connected toothbrush
    • Our Support: Turnkey Manufacturing | Engineering | 5W Global Charger 
  • Assisting individuals with diabetes in enhanced glucose monitoring
    • Our Support: MedITE Medical Power Supply | Custom Power Solution
  • Helping pet owners track their pets' location with a smart collar
    • Our Support: Turnkey Manufacturing

Other 2019 Notables

Whether we supplied an electronic component or provided turnkey manufacturing or design services for a product, we continued to fulfill our purpose this past year:

Help Innovators Deliver Awesome

We look forward to supporting more amazing products in 2020.