Displaytech recently developed two new interface boards that connect a Displaytech TFT to any single-board computer (SBC) that has an HDMI video output. The adapter boards released are designed for our 5” RGB TFT display and our 7” LVDS TFT display. We currently offer these boards as a package that includes the respective TFT display.

These boards are great for use with a Raspberry Pi (such as the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B or A+), or any SBC / personal computer that provides an HDMI video output.

Features include:
• Programmable on-board EEPROM that can supply the video source with the display resolution configuration (EDID) through the HDMI
• Included backlight driver and a built-in PWM option to control backlight brightness
• Included voltage regulator IC

The conversion boards have been developed to provide an all-in-one solution - simply connect your single-board computer and supply the Displaytech conversion board with 5V power.