Launch your product smoothly with a solid product development roadmap.

Designing and manufacturing an electronic product is much easier when it starts with a solid product development strategy. We create this strategy for you with a product development roadmap and a new product introduction plan through our MH MFG division.

As an electronics contract manufacturer, our team of experts will develop a new product introduction (NPI) strategy to design and build your electronic product to meet your target costs and timeline.

What is New Product Introduction (NPI)?

At MH Manufacturing, our NPI program covers all aspects of defining, developing, manufacturing, and distributing your new or improved electronic product.

Our NPI Process

We’ve simplified our NPI product development process into 6 phases.

Phase 1: Create a Roadmap

The first phase in the new product introduction (NPI) process is to plan out your product and business goals. We want to ensure all costs, schedule, and requirements for your product are realistic and achievable.

Phase 2: Engineering, Prototyping, and Design for Manufacturing

As an electronics manufacturer with an in-house engineering team, we optimize your design for the manufacturing line and to meet all functional, cosmetic, and regulatory requirements.

Phase 3: Production Preparation and Supply Chain Setup

In phase 3 of NPI, we begin pre-production: tooling, materials and component purchasing, and establishing processes to best manufacture your product.

Phase 4: Scaling to Volume Production

We review the EVT, DVT, and PVT phases carefully to ensure your product is ready to be produced at large volumes in our wholly-owned China manufacturing facility.

Phase 5: Production Process and Supply Chain Optimization

Now that your product is in full production, we use this phase of NPI to optimize manufacturing processes and supply chain costs.

Phase 6: Logistics and Distribution Support

The final phase of new product introduction process is distributing your product out into the world. We can help get your product to where it needs to go.

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