The success of building your electronic product is dependent on the planning and execution of your new product introduction strategy. The outcome of your product also relies heavily on your manufacturing partner.

Launch your product successfully with our NPI and electronics manufacturing services. Throughout our 30 years of experience, we have helped get electronic devices ready to scale with our solid new product introduction plan.

What is New Product Introduction (NPI)?

New product introduction (NPI) covers all aspects of defining, developing, manufacturing, and distributing your new or improved electronic product. We provide an NPI roadmap for your product through our manufacturing division, MH MFG.

Design and Develop Your Product with a Proven NPI Process

Electronic product development is a very complex process. It involves various people, processes, and decisions that integrate with one another. Trying to manage all of these moving parts on your own can be quite difficult.

Simplify your new product development by partnering with an experienced, trusted manufacturer who has done this before. Your product will be guided through our proven new product introduction process which we’ve broken down into 6 phases.

Phase 1
Create a Roadmap

The first phase in our new product introduction (NPI) process involves planning out your product and business goals. Your costs, schedule, and requirements for your product are reviewed to ensure they are aligned and achievable.

Phase 2
Engineering, Prototyping, and Design for Manufacturing

In Phase 2, your product design is optimized for the manufacturing line and built to meet all of your product requirements. Our expert in-house engineering team ensures your electronic design will result in a quality product.

Phase 3
Production Preparation and Supply Chain Setup

Phase 3 of NPI is the pre-production stage of your new product development. In this phase, the tooling of your product is completed, materials and components are purchased, and processes are established to best manufacture your product.

Phase 4
Scaling to Volume Production

The fourth phase of NPI gets down to the details of testing and the validation of your product design and its manufacturing processes. The EVT, DVT, and PVT stages carefully ensure your product is ready to be produced at large volumes in our wholly-owned China manufacturing facility.

Phase 5
Production Process and Supply Chain Optimization

Once you’ve reached phase 5, your product is now in full production. During this phase, your product’s manufacturing processes and supply chain are improved upon even further for efficiency.

Phase 6
Logistics and Distribution Support

The last phase of NPI is getting your product where it needs to go. Our logistics support can help distribute your product out into the world.

Turn your design concept into a successful product with our new product introduction services.